Alston Ridge Band

Information about the Flute

The flute is the only woodwind instrument in the Alston Ridge Band that doesn't use a reed. Known as an "aerophone", the flute's sound comes from blowing air across an open hole. Flutes have a long history, dating back to prehistoric times; however, the flutes of today are very different from their ancient ancestors!

Flutes are used in a wide variety of styles of music. They're very important in the symphony orchestra and classical chamber music, but they're also used in jazz, Latin, and world music. (You can even beatbox on a flute!)

Many beginning flute players either have trouble with remembering where to put their fingers or with producing a sound. At the beginning of your study, the silver keys of the flute may all look the same, and you might tend to blow too hard, too soft, or with the wrong embouchure shape. Practicing slowly and making sure your embouchure and fingers are correct is very helpful in getting over this hurdle!

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