Alston Ridge Band

Information about Percussion Instruments

Percussionists are unique members of the band for several reasons. First of all, percussion instruments are the only instruments in the band that it's perfectly OK to hit! Also, percussionists learn more instruments than anyone else in the band. While your friends will concentrate on learning only one instrument, you'll be responsible for understanding several instruments before the year is over.

Percussion is one of the oldest families of instruments, dating back to prehistoric times. Percussion is also one of the most diverse instrument families, including hundreds of instruments used in a wide variety of cultures and musical styles. In the Alston Ridge Band, beginners will concentrate on snare drum and bell set, and Continuing students will branch out to even more instruments--like cymbals, bass drum, triangle, and hand drums!

Perhaps the most difficult part of being a percussionist is the huge amount of instruments and music you need to learn (and carry around!) Percussionists are responsible for moving their own equipment, and often, there's a lot to carry! Also, percussionists must be able to play many instruments very well, and to read music. To be a successful percussionist, it's important to practice thoughtfully and develop good techniques that you can transfer to the many instruments you'll play.

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