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Women Embracing Creativity is a growing movement of women dedicated to celebrating their unique creative talents. Through the Women Embracing Creativity book, course, and special events, women of all ages and backgrounds are invited to uncover their creativity in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. Our mission is to help women develop and sustain a rewarding creative practice throughout their lives.

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Women Embracing Creativity

About the Women Embracing Creativity Book

Women Embracing Creativity is a postive and uplifting book designed to help women uncover and develop their true creative talents. In the book, you'll learn 3 simple habits that can make your life more creativity-friendly, explore different perspectives on the creative process, and discover strategies for navigating creative pitfalls like fear and perfectionism. Told through the entertaining experiences of a fellow creative woman, Women Embracing Creativity a fun and easy introduction...or reintroduction...to the creative path.

Here are several topics you'll find in the book:
The truth about society's creative myths
Using feelings--even ones that feel rotten--as creativity boosters
Why do we procrastinate? (and how do we stop?)
How to nurture your ideas and respect your intuition
What is the creative process?
Taming the Inner Critic
How to practice your way to greatness
Using failure as a positive tool
Dealing with sexism on the creative path
God and Creativity

Read an excerpt from Women Embracing Creativity, or purchase your copy here!

What people are saying...
"I can't talk enough about how wonderful and encouraging this book can be for emerging artists. Christina weaves in personal stories, academic references and solid results-oriented solutions for when you feel stuck. Read more...-Alice Osborn, poet, author, and creative writing instructor

Wonderfully inspirational! A must read for women venturing into all areas, not just the traditionally creative ones. -Simple Pleasures Books and Gifts, Ashland, VA

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The Women Embracing Creativity 8-Week Course

Imagine being a part of a trusted circle of wise, fascinating women who challenge and nurture each other along life's creative journey. Envision having a safe place to experiment with your ideas, explore your wildest dreams, and confidently embrace your creative talents.

This is the Women Embracing Creativity Course! We are a growing circle of women who are committed to helping each other uncover and celebrate our creative gifts. In Women Embracing Creativity groups, we build the courage to act on our ideas, learn how to make time for our creative endeavors, discover how to let go of our fears, and develop the confidence to view ourselves as the wildly talented women that we are! Most importantly, though, we have FUN getting in touch with our creative selves, and meet some true friends along the way.

At Women Embracing Creativity Meetings, you can... What is the Women Embracing Creativity course?
Women Embracing Creativity is an enlightening eight-week course designed to introduce you to your true creative power. In the course, you'll learn how to nurture yourself, take your ideas seriously, and cultivate healthy habits that make creating a regular part of your life. The course unfolds in three parts, exploring the personal, spiritual, and practical sides of creativity in a simple and accessible way.

Who can benefit from taking the course?
Women of many ages, backgrounds, and levels of creative experience have had a great time at the Women Embracing Creativity course. Generally, the women who get the most out of the course are open-minded and willing to learn new things.

What is a class meeting like?
When you come to a Women Embracing Creativity class meeting, get ready to have a good time! Our meetings take place in friendly, safe environments where you can feel comfortable expressing your ideas, asking questions, and exploring your own creative truths. We usually begin with a snack and friendly conversation, and then we get down to the business of having some creative fun! We'll delve into our imaginations, work on a creative project together, and share our thoughts about our experiences throughout the week. Our meetings don't follow a set agenda; rather, each meeting molds to what the women in the group want to do, sometimes turning into a lighthearted play session and others becoming a heartfelt and honest time for sharing. After class, we leave with enjoyable Creative Homework to strengthen our understanding of creativity throughout the week.

About the Author

Women Embracing Creativity founder Christina Thompson
Hello! I'm Christina, the founder of Women Embracing Creativity. I'm a musician, teacher, and author on a mission: to show women that it's possible to enjoy the creative life they've always dreamed of.

How my own creativity has unfolded
As far back as I can remember, creativity has been a very important part of my life. I was somewhat of a loner as a kid, and had trouble fitting in with the structure and expectations at school. But in the creative realm, I always found comfort and peace.

But my creative journey hasn't always been easy. Naysayers, fear-based myths, and the Inner Critic have scared and shamed me into second-guessing my creativity. I've experienced the humiliation of watching a nasty art teacher tear up my work and throw it into the trash in front of a room full of people, and felt the pain of giving up on a beloved project over fears it wasn't "good enough." I've also fallen prey to some sinister acts of self-sabotage that kept me an Artist-in-Hiding for years.

But...none of these things stopped me from building a blissful creative life! My deepest desire is to use my experiences to help others realize their unique creative dreams.

My Creative Career and Learning Journey
Today I lead a satisfying life, playing trombone and teaching music in sunny Raleigh, North Carolina. I freelance with groups around the region, enjoying the thrill of constantly changing styles and making people happy through music. Offstage, I help young musicians grow and experience the joy of musical expression. I've been playing for 19 years and teaching for 9; what a wonderful time it's been!

One of the cornerstones of my creative practice is constant learning and growth. For years, I've studied music and people, formally and informally, on tour and in the classroom, at home and abroad. On this journey, I've earned a BM in Music Education from East Carolina University, an MM in Music Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and immeasurable amounts of wisdom from students, fellow musicians, and friends. It is this understanding that I offer to YOU as you build your creative life. Please let me know how I can help you!

Get in Touch with Christina

If you would like more information about Women Embracing Creativity, or just want to chat about creative stuff, please feel free to e-mail Christina or give her a call at (919) 395-7605.