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Women Embracing Creativity
An empowering 8-week creativity course for women of all ages
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Grab a friend, and discover simple ways to unleash your creative talents!

Are you a woman who has always wanted to get in touch with your artistic side? Would you like to have more fun in your daily life? Join us for Women Embracing Creativity, an enlightening 8-week course designed to help you uncover your true creative talents and bring your ideas to life. Whether you have a specific creative block you're trying to overcome, are curious about the creative path, or just want to make new friends and live a more interesting life, our course can provide the support you need to turn your creative dreams into reality.

Based on the experiences of trombonist Christina Thompson and a number of other wise, creative women, Women Embracing Creativity is designed to help you learn to nurture yourself, take your ideas seriously, and cultivate healthy creative habits that make creating a regular part of your life. Our course will follow Christina's book Women Embracing Creativity: Unleashing Your Inner Artist, which explores both the spiritual and practical sides of creativity in a simple and accessible way.

At each class meeting, we'll read about and discuss a creative topic, work on a fun project together, and have time to share our thoughts on our own creative journeys. Each night we'll leave with enjoyable Creative Homework to strengthen our understanding of creativity throughout the week. Our class meetings are friendly and safe environments for all of us to explore, discuss, and discover our true creative abilities!

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    When is it?
    We're not offering any Women Embracing Creativity courses at the moment, but please e-mail Christina if you'd be interested in taking a course in the future!