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Creativity Says Yes You Can

June 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Not many adults come to me for trombone lessons, and many promising ones quit, often before they play a single note. But kids come here and excel, and quickly! I’ve wondered what the difference is, why kids come in and show the trombone who’s boss, while adults (who may very well be the boss at work) shy away. And my bet is on creativity.

Creativity is something we’re really good at as kids, ’cause every day we get to draw pictures and sing songs and everyone expects us to be silly because we’re kids. But as we grow, other people make us nervous about fitting into the “real world”, and getting a good job, and saying the right things, and paying the bills. And creativity gets pushed aside as fluff.

As a musician I have to be creative, like a kid, and nurture that creativity so it won’t slip away. But as I’ve learned about creativity, it looks less and less like something for artists or young people, and more like something for EVERYONE. Creativity empowers us to take risks and solve problems. It’s the little voice that says, “Look at it this way,” giving us new perspective. It doesn’t care what the neighbors will think. Creativity says yes you can.

I’ve had creativity on the brain lately, because I’m getting ready to teach a creativity workshop for adults this Saturday. I hope to empower some people by helping them tap into their own creative reserves. Maybe someone will even discover their signature sound :-) ….if so, I can’t wait for Saturday!

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