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Finding the Perfect Clients with Ease

July 5th, 2008 · No Comments

This is the second post in this week’s series celebrating the one year anniversary of Summerglen Music. Today I’ll talk about my wonderful clients, and how I found them easily.

Before I started Summerglen, I thought that the best way to find music students, brides who wanted cool ceremony music, and people to host Summerglen Duo concerts was to let the WHOLE WORLD know about us, and try to convince everyone who would listen that they needed more trombones in their lives. I was so worried that if I didn’t “get” these people, the “competition” would. Sound desperate? You bet! Sound like an approach that works? In a word, NO!

As I started learning about working solo, I discovered that the most successful entrepreneurs take a more relaxed, but detailed approach to finding the right people to work with. These people believe that there’s plenty of business to go around, so there is no need to sweat the competition. And instead of changing their businesses to fit everyone’s needs, they do research to find which people might benefit best from what they’re already doing. This way sounded workable, positive, and even fun; this mindset could allow me to relax, be myself, AND find the perfect clients.

And it worked!

There are plenty of people offering music lessons in Raleigh–but Summerglen is the place to go if you’re excited about low brass or percussion. There are a number of groups that perform at special events around here, but only one that comes downtown and entertains you as you leave your office for lunch. Simply by being ourselves, getting to know our ideal clients, and trusting that all will be well, we’ve attracted wonderful clients who are a pleasure to have in our lives!

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