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Five Great Ways to Get The Word Out

June 18th, 2008 · No Comments

In yesterday’s post, I described my somewhat clumsy journey into marketing as a musician. However awkward the journey, though, I’ve found several approaches to promoting my musical services that WORK! Here are my top five, in no particular order:

1. Go out and play – Generally, when people read a description of a musical group like ours (a trombone and marimba duet), it’s tough for them to get an idea of what we sound like. I mean, what is a marimba anyway? And aren’t trombones kinda blatty? But when people see and hear us in person, the reaction is more like, “Wow, that’s beautiful!” When we go out and play, usually we make a few dollars in tips, but more importantly, we make people happy, and we help them get to know us better. Everyone wins!

2. Post online classifieds – I’ve heard a lot of people say that posting on free online classified directories doesn’t get you good clients, but that hasn’t been the case for me. I’ve found 3 strategies that make posting online classified ads really successful: (1) post on LOTS of different directories, (2) post regularly, and (3) post meaningful ads with lots of info.

3. Get publicity – Publicity is better than advertising because it’s free, many people see it, and they tend to trust what you say more because it’s not an advertisement. When I do an interview, sponsor a musical event, or volunteer to speak for a local group, afterward there’s usually a big jump in the number of calls I get for gigs and teaching. As long as I keep the focus on sharing with other people (instead of plugging my services), everyone leaves feeling good, and Summerglen has new friends.

4. Write articles – I like to write articles about music, especially about learning to play an instrument. When I finish an article, I put it on the website for anyone to read, and ask nothing in return. These articles help people, and at the same time give them an idea of what I’m like as a teacher. Some of the students here have mentioned that they signed up for lessons because the articles made learning music seem more possible. WAY cool.

5. Always have something to invite people to – This is a lesson from Michael Port, the author of the business book Book Yourself Solid…and it works! Inviting people to events is fun for us, and checking out our events is fun for other people. Having something to invite people to can get new people close enough to hear your music, meet your students, and learn more about what you do. And soon, there are more and more people at your events, and you’ve got a healthy buzz going all over town.

As I write, many more details and ideas come to mind. And as I keep practicing, getting the word out becomes more and more fun! Let’s call it my new hobby :-) .

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