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June 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Gratitude Battery

In times of trouble, I’ve found that expressing gratitude is one of the best ways to keep myself moving in the right direction. It’s the opposite of being jealous of others, and quickly staves off even the biggest case of the “poor me’s”.

As a musician, it can be easy to whine. Especially when you’re stuck in an orchestra pit for several hours with other musicians who enjoy whining over our profession’s little rough spots. Some months (like December) you’re rolling in cash, while others (like June) you’re a little poor. At times you feel like you’re a shameless-self-promotion machine, ’cause the job of telling the world about your music is very, very big and time-consuming. And once in a while you wake up in the middle of the night because your lips hurt from the day before, and it’s hard to get back to sleep.

But gratitude says, “Look at all these COOL things you have to whine about!” and in an instant can turn a music career in an unlikely locale from “uncertain, unstable, and risky” into “exciting, stimulating, and fun”! I’ve found that if I practice turning things around to face the positive direction, just about everything is good. :-)

When I whine, all the energy I have to create new music, come up with new teaching techniques, and get out there and play seems to evaporate. But when I stop and think of the good things I have, more good things come, and I feel healthier and happier even when nothing is really different but my mindset.

So today, I’m grateful that I can play trombone for 2 hours in 100-degree weather! I’m also grateful that our Elvis didn’t get heatstroke during that same 2 hour show, in his 15-pound Elvis suit. I’m thankful for our Summerglen students and their parents, because the students can play and their parents are kind, supportive people. I’m glad to be here, ’cause all is well!

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

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