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Insulating the Studio

May 20th, 2008 · No Comments

For a percussionist especially, soundproofing a home studio can be an ongoing saga–and Andrew’s drumset studio here at Summerglen is no exception. Generally, the sound quality in the studio is good, but the house in general doesn’t have much insulation, which leads to lots of sound bleeding outside when Andrew plays. (Our place was built in the 1970′s–maybe there wasn’t as much demand for energy efficiency back then?) So, over the past two years we’ve worked on soundproofing so that the entire neighborhood doesn’t have to hear Andrew’s latest recording job.

Our latest venture finds us fixing up some obvious insulation problems, and discovering some more! When we bought this place, the drum studio was but an unfinished room on the lower level, and the ceiling still remains open. Because of this, the worst sound bleed is in one of the bathrooms upstairs, which sits directly over the studio. See why?

holey ceiling

So, this week we’re going to pack the ceiling with insulation, and then we’ll top it off with a layer of flexible sound barrier.

In the larger room outside the drum studio, we have an acoustical ceiling, which makes the room sound pretty nice. Unfortunately, when we popped several tiles out today, we found absolutely NO barrier between the inside of the house and the siding. You could see daylight! Ack! Once we insulated the area, though, the sound of the drumset outdoors on that side of the house was cut nearly in half. Very cool :-) .

Andrew knows a lot more about the subject of soundproofing than I ever will, but I’ve had a great time experimenting with different soundproofing measures as we’ve done this project. We don’t have thousands of dollars to blow on top-of-the-line equipment, nor do we have space to build the ultimate in soundproofing, a room within a room. So we’ve had to try different approaches and see what works best, and it’s given us many opportunities to get creative with fluffy pink fiberglass. Even Velvet the Cat wants a piece of the action!

Velvet helps insulate the studio

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