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My Summer Job

May 28th, 2008 · No Comments

After a relaxing Memorial Day weekend, Andrew and I hit the park to start our new summer “job”, playing outdoors in downtown Raleigh. Since moving to Raleigh six years ago, I thought it was a shame that there were all these nice wide sidewalks and parks in downtown Raleigh, but there was only ONE street musician! (And someone mugged that poor guy and took his sax, so for a while there were NO street musicians :-( !)

So now that the weather is nice, we’ve decided to make a commitment to play in a random public place at least twice a week. Today we played a classical and light jazz set in Moore Square Park, and tomorrow we’ll play for the commuters going to work on Fayetteville Street. When we have a free Saturday, we can play in Pullen Park, a nice place with paddle boats, a carousel, and a playground. If we learn the Spongebob theme song well enough, we’re sure to be a hit with the kids!

Today’s performance was great, and gave us opportunities to learn and tweak our show for next time. We made sure to be downtown by 8:15, to catch all the commuters arriving to work at 9–but when we got there, everyone was already at work! Either the fine government employees of Raleigh are overachievers, or they have to be at work at 8. So, our next performance might have to start, uggh, closer to 7:30am. Well, what else do we have to do at that hour? We all know that playing music is much more fun than sleeping! ;-)

Most of our audience today ended up being folks from the Salvation Army shelter on the other side of the park, and a couple of moms with kids. These people really seemed to enjoy the show, and many sat down and listened the whole time or came up to chat with us. There were a lot of passers-by, though, who walked very quickly and didn’t give a sideways glance, even though a marimba and trombone ensemble isn’t something many people see on their way to work.

Seeing that made me grateful for the nice life we have. Sure we have to work hard sometimes, but we also make sure there’s time to stop and enjoy life’s little pleasures. It’s easy to allow yourself to become so busy that you forget to really live your life, so I’m very grateful for the little reminders I get to slow down. Maybe our music can be that reminder for someone else!

I’ll begin posting our Summerglen in Downtown Raleigh shows if you’d like to come and see one, and will share more street musician stories here on the blog!

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