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Live Trombone and Marimba Music for Special Events
Summerglen Music If you've been searching for a one-of-a-kind musical flavor for your special event, Summerglen has the sound you're looking for! We are a trombone and marimba duo serving the Triangle area of North Carolina with beautiful and elegant music for weddings, open houses, dinners, and other special events.

Our Style
A unique and versatile ensemble, Summerglen creates music ranging from from peaceful and meditative to upbeat and fun. We perform jazz, classical, and popular favorites as well as original compositions and special requests. Our distinctive instrumentation gives us a sound unlike any other ensemble in the Triangle, allowing us to create enchanting original music and breathe new life into the classics.

Why choose Summerglen for your event?
Summerglen offers beautiful music with a professional touch. We are full-time professional musicians dedicated to creating music that enhances your special event and makes your personality shine through. We prepare your material thoroughly, dress appropriately, arrive on time, and match our volume level to the ambiance of your event. Our goal is to make the live music experience as easy as popping in a CD!

Some Samples
Andante by W. A. Mozart    

O Come, O Come Emmanuel    

Summerglen Duo instruments - trombone and marimba

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What's Up at the 'Glen?
Your Instrument Deserves a Spa Day!
Auditions and contest are over, and it's a slow time of year in the repair shop--the perfect time to give your instrument some well-deserved TLC. Whether you'd like just a few quick adjustments or a thorough deep cleaning, the repair shop at Summerglen is ready to take great care of your instrument!

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