Summerglen Music - Band Instrument Repair and Music Education in Raleigh, NC
Summerglen Music Services
Summerglen Music serves the Raleigh, NC area with high-quality music education, live performances, and band instrument sales/repair. Below are brief descriptions of our musical offerings, and links to pages describing our services in greater detail.

Summerglen Music specializes in offering extracurricular wind band programs designed especially for third, fourth, and fifth grade students. We are in the process of post-pandemic rebuilding, and plan to re-establish band programs at 3-4 local schools for the 2022-23 school year. We welcome all 3rd-5th grade students to join our bands, and your child does not need to attend the school that hosts the band. We also offer private lessons for individuals and group clinics for band programs.

The musicians of Summerglen perform extensively around the Triangle and beyond, and are committed to giving clients a memorable musical experience with top-notch professional service. We can perform solo, as a duo, or in a larger group to create the perfect atmosphere for your special event, and are always happy to do freelance and recording collaborations with other musicians.

Precision Woodwind, Brass, and Hand Drum Repair
Nothing makes playing music more fun than having a finely-tuned instrument at your fingertips. Christina and Andrew have devoted years to learning the art and science of repairing band instruments and hand drums, and strive to bring you highest levels of precision and care at reasonable prices.

Quality Refurbished Woodwind and Brass Instruments
In addition to repairs, Christina enjoys giving vintage instruments new life through refurbishment. Each instrument is thoroughly cleaned, repadded, recorked, and adjusted to factory specifications, and leaves our shop ready to provide you with years of musical enjoyment. Christina maintains a stock of brand name student instruments, but she's also happy to source and refurbish an intermediate or pro instrument especially for you!

What's Up at the 'Glen?
Your Instrument Deserves a Spa Day!
Auditions and contest are over, and it's a slow time of year in the repair shop--the perfect time to give your instrument some well-deserved TLC. Whether you'd like just a few quick adjustments or a thorough deep cleaning, the repair shop at Summerglen is ready to take great care of your instrument!

Quality Band Instrument Repair Services in Raleigh, NC